Manuelian Architects is a boutique architectural studio specialized in designing high-end custom single family homes.

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    Chalon | Los Angeles

    Chalon Rd | Los Angeles

    Contemporary residence in the hillside area of Los Angeles overlooking the magnificent fairway of Bel Air Country Club. The project objectives were to design for a maximum residential floor area, limit the earthwork quantities and dirt export, and provide a sufficient number of on-site parking spaces. Our team achieved all of these and more.


    Location:                  Bel-Air area in Los Angeles, CA
    Status:                      under construction
    Floor Area:               16,000 sq.ft. / 1,480 sq.m.

    Consultant 1:           Nous Engineering

    Consultant 2:           Foresight Engineering

    Consultant 3:           Universal Engineering

    Consultant 4:           SQLA

    Consultant 5:           Universal Engineering