Manuelian Architects is a boutique architectural studio specialized in designing high-end custom single family homes.

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    Chalon | Los Angeles

    Chalon Rd | Los Angeles

    Contemporary residence in the hillside area of Los Angeles overlooking the magnificent fairway of Bel Air Country Club. The project objectives were to design for maximum residential floor area, limit the earthwork quantities and dirt export, provide a sufficient number of on-site parking spaces. We achieved all of these and more.


    Location:                  Bel-Air area in Los Angeles, CA
    Status:                      under construction
    Floor Area:               16,000 sq.ft. / 1,480 sq.m.

    Consultant 1:           Nous Engineering

    Consultant 2:           Foresight Engineering

    Consultant 3:           Universal Engineering

    Consultant 4:           SQLA

    Consultant 5:           Universal Engineering