Manuelian Architects is a boutique architectural studio specialized in designing high-end custom single family homes.

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    Our Services




    Feasibility Studies


    Site Evaluation

    Redevelopment Studies

    Development Regulations Analysis

    Measured Drawings of Existing Structures

    Conceptual Designs

    Construction Cost Analysis


    Site and Building Physical Evaluations

    Program Evaluations

    Schematics Design

    Design Development

    Coordination with Consultants

    Permits and Approvals

    Construction Documents

    Construction Procurement

    Construction Administration

    Supervise project completion and close-out


    Design Guidelines and Space Standards

    Interior Space Planning

    Casework and Millwork Design

    Finish Materials Specification

    Color Theme Studies

    Construction Documents

    Permits and Approvals

    Sustainable design

    Site and land use

    Energy conservation

    Water management

    Sustainable materials

    Indoor environmental quality and innovation

    Construction administration

    Review and respond to contractor’s Request for Information (RFI) and change orders proposals.

    Prepare brief field reports and records, track changes in construction documents.

    Review and certify applications for payment by contractor.

    Review and approve submittal of contract documents – shop drawings, product data and sample submittals.

    Provide services related to evaluation of contractor proposed substitutions or alternates.

    Assist Client in the project close-out process – preparation of punch lists and the management of the completion of all work.

    Real estate acquisition

    Leveraging the combined professional skills and knowledge of realtors and architects to locate and purchase the perfect lot for Client’s program and budget.


    The realtor maintains a network of resources, knows the local market, comparable properties, inventory, financing options, and is familiar with off-market properties.


    The architect foresee the development potentials of a property. His knowledge of the local zoning codes allows him to assess the maximum allowed buildable square footage and estimate the total construction cost.



    Work with CAD software

    CAD, or computer-aided design and drafting, is technology for design and technical documentation, which replaces manual drafting with an automated process. We work with widely used software programs that help us draft construction documentation, explore design ideas, visualize concepts through photorealistic renderings, and simulate how a design performs in the real world.

    Design and build with BIM

    Manuelian Architects began using Revit in project delivery in 2015 and had committed to a complete BIM workflow for all “large-scale” projects with high level of complexity. BIM software have facilitated the firm’s extensive experience in streamlining workflows and aiding in coordination with consultant teams. Using BIM software from the onset of a project allows us to maximize efficiency, accuracy and consistency in our project documentation packages.

    BIM overview

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used for creating and managing data during the design, construction, and operations process. BIM integrates structured, multi-disciplinary data to produce a digital representation of an asset across its lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations. It is managed in an open cloud platform for real-time collaboration. Using BIM gives you greater visibility, better decision-making, more sustainable options, and cost-savings on AEC projects.

    360 camera to design and document

    Manuelian Architects has adopted the use of the 360 camera to design and document our projects. Documentation is a vital part of the architecture practice – from site documentation for feasibility studies, to site visits during construction administration. The concept of 360 panoramas is that one will capture essentially everything (360 degrees) from the point of view of the camera, and that a dedicated program will be used to view the photo in such a way that the photo doesn’t look distorted.

    Virtual Reality (VR) system incorporated into our design workflow

    Since the beginning of 2020, Manuelian Architects has incorporated the use of virtual reality (VR) system into our daily workflow. This long awaited upgrade has positively transformed the way we design and convey our design intent to our clients.


    With the ability to walk-through, explore and look freely in a 3D environment, we can now focus on designing an “experience” that is much more comprehensive, realistic and natural than the traditional still renderings.


    From a client’s perspective, immersive design with real-time visualization allows for a faster and better understanding of the project. This leads to confidence in the design, in the architect and the whole team.

    Using drones in architecture

    Our knowledge of a site’s potential isn’t limited by human eye perspective any longer. Flying over the project site in early stage of the design process, our drone provides the Architect with superior vision for the property topography, existing conditions, and best views to be captured with the new building design and remediate privacy concerns.