Manuelian Architects is a boutique architectural studio specialized in designing high-end custom single family homes.

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    There is a lot we like about old houses. They are small but well built. The detailing is simple but strong. They shelter our memories of the past and harbor our hopes for the future.

    Yet, romantic as they are, old houses are rarely cherished. Indeed, they often lack adequate storage and bathroom space, an open modern kitchen, and the general amenities and functional spaces a modern lifestyle demands. Frustrated homeowners start looking for alternatives, not realizing that careful space planning and a few design modifications can transform their old house into a practical, comfortable and pleasing home shaped to their specific needs.

    We created the booklet ``LOVE YOUR HOME`` with the purpose to inspire you to look into the drawbacks of your own home in the light of the options available.

    Here you will find real life examples of clever space planning solutions with easy to compare before-and-after floor plans. Whether working within the existing footprint or adding onto the old structure, the goal is always to make the optimum use of space in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible.


    Click on the thumbnail below to view booklet: