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    Rial Ln 02| Bel-Air

    Rial Ln 02| Bel-Air

    Although contemporary by design this home in the hills of Bel Air pays homage to the Old World feel of the neighborhood by utilizing a color and material palette that is reminiscent of the aesthetics of the historical Spanish Colonial Revival style typical for Southern California. Through careful site analysis we were able to take full advantage of the challenging existing hillside topography and the broad canyon views. The interior spaces open to and connect with each other allowing for long sight lines throughout the house and out to the garden and pool area which were designed as a natural extension of the house offering the same clean lines and soft and uncluttered look.


    Location:                   Bel-Air, Los Angeles, CA
    Status:                       under construction
    Floor Area:                9,850 sq.ft./ 915 sq.m.

    Consultants:             Berkoz and Associates