Manuelian Architects is a boutique architectural studio specialized in designing high-end custom single family homes.

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    Rial Ln 01| Bel-Air

    Real Ln | Bel-Air

    We conceived this contemporary residence with the intention to graciously fit it in its Bel Air neighborhood. The deconstructed courtyard layout and the prodigious use of smooth white stucco walls with contrasting dark wood elements make it a contemporary interpretation of the Spanish Colonial Revival style – the predominant historical vernacular style in Southern California. However, bold and almost sculptural interconnecting shapes, unorthodox angles and dramatic perspective views of the house and the outdoor entertainment areas set this home apart and make it an unique and inspiring example of modern architecture that is at the same time sensible to human values and respectful of its surroundings.


    Location:                   Bel-Air, Los Angeles, CA
    Status:                       under construction
    Floor Area:                10,240 sq.ft. / 950 sq.m.

    Consultants:             Berkoz and Associates


    Bel-Air, Los Angeles, CA


    under construction

    Floor Area:

    10,240 sq.ft. / 950 sq.m.


    Berkoz and Associates