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    Beverly | Beverly Hills

    Beverly Drive | Beverly Hills

    Located in a prime Beverly Hills flats location near Rodeo Drive, this brand new modern home will be a fine addition to the city streetscape. The design of this luxurious home in the heart of Beverly Hills incorporates the main characteristics and core principles of the “international” modern style, i.e. open floor plan, rectilinear forms, robust asymmetry, bold horizontal projections, flat roofs with wide overhangs, expansive fenestration, accent stone-clad walls and water features, and lack of applied ornamentation and decoration. The exterior features a contemporary soft palette of high quality materials; opaque safety glass panels on the first floor that reflect the surrounding landscape and expansive fenestration minimize the visual bulk and forges a strong connection between indoor and outdoor areas.


    Location:                   Beverly Hills, CA
    Status:                       under construction
    Floor Area:                11,800 sq.ft / 1,096 sq.m.

    Consultant 1:           C.W.Howe Partners @

    Consultant 2:           Khalifeh & Associates @

    Consultant 3:           DW/LA @

    Interior Design:       Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors @